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Mini Strandbeest

August 4th, 2016

Mini Strandbeest

I received an unexpected gift at work today; a Mini Strandbeest kit. Like a wildly complex Ikea furniture set, there’s dozens of parts to stick together, but it doesn’t take terribly long if you follow the directions.

If you’ve been stuck under a rock for the past few decades and are unfamiliar with Strandbeests, check out the Wikipedia page on the artist who created them.

This particular tiny Strandbeest is powered by wind, with a small windmill and two reduction gears. Like its peers you can also just push it along with your hands, but it’s far more entertaining to blow on the windmill and watch it spring into action.

Want to see it walk? I placed it on the floor and pointed a fan at it. Here’s a short video of the result, complete with silly music to complete the effect:


Remembering the Red Vic Movie House

July 30th, 2011

In spite of their uncomfortable seats and strange popcorn toppings, many of us have fond memories of Haight Street’s Red Vic Movie House, which closed forever on Monday after more than 30 years.

Their silent “Dishes” video (above) was of course shown prior to every film. It served as a reminder to not make a mess and to return your popcorn bowl after the film. Otherwise, of course, you might find yourself pulled under the seat in front of you down into the depths of hell. An important lesson for us all.

But what really made the Red Vic memorable wasn’t just their funny film bumper or their selection of cult classic films — it was the guests who showed up. For example, when I first saw mumblecore classic “Funny Ha Ha,” director Andrew Bujalski stuck around to answer questions and just hang out with us in the audience. That sort of interaction between filmmaker and audience was the rule, not the exception at the Red Vic. You rarely find that at any other theater.

And that’s why the Red Vic will be missed.

Bowling car

May 13th, 2011

On my way to Four Barrel, I came across this rather, um, unusual bowling-themed art car. It was a little Fiat with bowling pins that went in and out of the side of the car.

I wasn’t able to find the owner, but of course he showed up and immediately drove away while I was getting coffee. D’oh!

Anyway, I imagine he wouldn’t be to happy if I’d thrown a bowling ball at his lovely car, but it was rather tempting.

Bowling car Bowling car Bowling car Bowling car

Hippies love Real California Cheese

April 27th, 2011

Who doesn’t love cheese? (Aside from vegans, and we all know they don’t count.) Even hippies from San Francisco love cheese, as seen in this 1997 TV spot for Real California Cheese.

Muni: 6th best in the country!?

February 11th, 2011

It should come as no surprise that Muni isn’t the best transit agency in the country, what with all the waiting, slow speeds, and crashes. But would you believe they clock in at number 6? No, neither do I.

In this video from CBS 5, Mike Sugerman interviews a number of Muni riders about this startling allegation, including Greg Dewar of The N-Judah Chronicles.

(Note: video is linked from, which can be a bit flaky. If you don’t see the player, try reloading. If that doesn’t work, try channeling spirits.)

Death Metal Rooster

December 8th, 2010

I can’t stop watching this.