Jejune Institute

I was walking to my job in the SOMA district of San Francisco one morning, and I came across a strange poster. The content was completely off the wall — according to the poster, there was a camera that could see through time.

The Time Camera

A few days later, I saw a similar advertisement for speaking to dolphins.

Aquatic Thought Foundation

Finally, I came across this poster for recording your memories to a VHS tape.

Memory to Media Center

It was no surprise that all three posters had similar contact information and lead to the same people.

Who was behind these crazy ads?

The Jejune Institute.

I won’t try to describe what the Jejune Institute is, but I’ll allow their leader, Octavio Coleman, Esquire, to explain:

I highly recommend visiting; I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s an experience you won’t soon forget, to say the least.

The Jejune Institute

Where: 580 California St, 16th Floor, San Francisco (map)


Phone: (415) 325-4014

Visit: Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 4 (don’t go later than 4, or you may not make it.)

Bring: $1 + tax, a cell phone, comfortable shoes, and an umbrella if it’s raining. Keep in mind there may be a 10-30 minute wait on busy days.

UPDATE: The Jejune Institute closed for good in April 2011.