The Jejune Institute closes for good in April

According to a spoiler-filled article in The Awl, the Jejune Institute closes in early April.

Now, however, an end date has been assigned, and after a nearly three-year run it will be no longer after April 10, when the epilogue is completed.

Since the days are numbered, I’m going to key you in a little secret: you have to go. You just fucking HAVE TO. And here’s another little secret: although the Jejune Institute appears to be some wacky new-age cult, it’s actually a game brought to you by Nonchalance that’s merely disguised as a cult.

In fact, it’s actually only the beginning of a series of games, and the cult is part of the storyline. No word on whether the remaining games will continue post-April 10th or not.

It’s sad news for me, because the Jejune Institute was one of the most fun and innovative activities I’ve ever found in San Francisco: even more fun than getting high and watching bad movies at the Red Vic, or getting sunburned at Dolores Park while downing cheap beer.

The Jejune Institute is still open Tuesday through Saturday, noon-five, so get out there and enjoy it while you still can. Note that you’ll need approx one hour, about $1.25 and a cell phone. Wear comfortable shoes and if it looks like rain, bring an umbrella.

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