Commercialization in effigy of San Francisco landmark

Until recently, Disney’s California Adventure wasn’t noteworthy. It was the theme park best known for the Graveroller, a ride where you could watch the animatronic corpse of Walt Disney rolling inside of a fiberglass model of his grave.

But now the park is changing. California Adventure recently unveiled a Little Mermaid themed ride — a ride which desecrates San Francisco with the commercialization (in effigy) of a glorious local landmark, the Palace of Fine Arts.

The Palace is best known for appearing on postcards and as a wedding photo backdrop.

Disney’s decision to commercialize a scale model of the Palace of Fine Arts must not be tolerated. This move is clearly a middle-finger to San Francisco, a city which is serious about protesting the commercialization of public property. But we do enjoy irony, which is why the Walt Disney Family Museum is located on public land.

I’m calling on all true San Franciscans to march to Disney’s California Adventure and stage a protest at the site of this effigy. Unfortunately it’s not free to enter the theme park. (Wise protesters will bring a coupon.)

Photo of Disney attraction from here