Alley Barrel’s new rules

New rules at Alley Barrel

Last week, I posted a photo of Alley Barrel’s rules, which notably contains a tongue-in-cheek provision banning hipster conversations.

After some local coverage, several major sites covered the story. Why? I dunno, but it was amusing to watch — though a few commenters seemingly interpreted the hipster rule as VERY serious, most readers recognized that hipsters complaining about hipsters is the very type of irony that defines modern hipster culture.

This weekend, I went back and found a modified version of their rules. Changes to note:

  • A footnote for the rule about no hipster conversations claims the rule was a “complaint verbatim from our neighbor.”
  • A sixth rule has been added, which reads:

    not posting this on instagram, you hipster

Good thing I’m not hip enough to use Instagram.