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New signage for Los Coyotes

September 15th, 2010

Los Coyotes signage

Recently, Los Coyotes on 16th took down their awning and replaced it with a big “TAQUERIA” sign. So if there was any doubt previously about whether Los Coyotes was a sit-down restaurant, or perhaps was one of those enchilada-only establishments, this big red sign should clear things up for you.

Cafe crisis!

June 3rd, 2010

The former MotoJava space on 9th and Bryant seems to be having an identity crisis as of late. At one time, this storefront sold motorcycles and coffee, a concept that I’m sure was hip and edgy in the 90’s but now just sounds stupid. Alas, times change, and the coffee shop portion of the business seems to have moved on from its macho roots.

The other day I walked by and MotoJava was newly-christened as “La Colombe”.


But it was not to be! Today I walked by and found something a little different…



Currently the only record of a previous name is in their ABC permit, which is still posted on the window: