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UC Davis pepper spray cop advertising champagne

December 24th, 2011

Champagne at Rainbow

Looks like he’s about to spray Dick Clark’s oversized head with that champagne. Look out, Dick!

Spotted near the express checkout at Rainbow Grocery.

Bombay Ice Cream

May 18th, 2011


Now that Bombay Bazaar and Ice Cream has moved, did you trek all the way out to 13th and South Van Ness? No? Jerk. Maybe next time you’re at Rainbow stocking up on tofu-scented incense, you should also drop by Bombay.

Sadly, they no longer have counter service, it’s a strictly pre-packaged endeavor now. But they still have the strange flavors you know and grew to love.

Eat your fractals

December 31st, 2010

On Monday I was acquiring sustenance at Rainbow Grocery when I came across an edible fractal in the produce section.


The label described it as romanesco broccoli. I immediately whipped out my iPhone and looked it up on Wikipedia. Sure enough, Wikipedia describes romanesco broccoli as having “…a visually striking example of an approximate fractal in nature.”

Yes, a fractal you can eat!

But then it gets stranger. The following day my family was in town for a visit to Golden Gate Park. For lunch we headed to Park Chow. My order came with a side of — guess what? — romanesco broccoli! I was surprised to say the least.

As for the taste, it’s got a broccoli flavor with a denser texture, a bit like cauliflower.

Fast forward to the following morning, when I was reading BoingBoing. And guess what? They illustrated their post about vegetarian diets with nothing other than a photo of romanesco broccoli.

What would Carl Jung say about all this? I wasn’t alone in my ignorance, a dozen or so friends and family I quizzed had never heard of romanesco broccoli before. Could it be the ghost of the recently deceased Benoit Mandelbrot is contacting us from beyond the grave with edible fractals?