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Pica Pica scientists develop IRL Facebook wall

July 12th, 2012

Facebook wall IRL

The hard working scientists at local Pokemon-themed Venezuelan eatery Pica Pica have developed an IRL Facebook wall that somehow transcends the physical/cyber barrier with a painted board and a mineral-based writing utensil.

Although the Facebook wall does not appear to be refreshing from Facebook, I assume this is just a minor hiccup in the code. You know how the Facebook Graph API can be (and if you don’t, consider yourself lucky.)

Pica Pica levels up, adds outdoor seating

September 5th, 2011

Pica Pica outdoor seating Pica Pica outdoor seating

Local arepa restaurant and ever changing tiger mural spot has added some outdoor seating.

With Four Barrel’s hipster jungle gym parklet just down the street, will Little Star be next in line for an extension into the realm of public space, or will Zeitgeist beat them to it?