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There’s now a Bitcoin ATM at the Metreon, because of course there is

May 9th, 2018

Bitcoin exchange machine

Recently a tipster informed me a Bitcoin ATM had appeared at the Metreon. Needless to say I had to check this out.

If you’re looking for the machine it’s near Cafe-X, the robot espresso machine, as well as a vending machine that somehow makes “gourmet” ramen. So in theory you could trade in your Bitcoin and use it to have a meal and coffee prepared entirely by robots!

Well okay, the above scenario isn’t entirely true since the Bitcoin ATM only converts Bitcoin to and from cash, which isn’t accepted by Cafe-X.

I thought I’d give the machine a spin but was immediately turned off by it. To identify yourself you need to insert a state ID or driver’s license, so this isn’t anonymous at all. What’s the point of buying a stolen yacht on the dark web if the transaction can be easily traced back to me?

But when I got home and looked at the ATM company’s website I found a second reason not to use it: transaction fees. To quote from the very last item on their help page:

We charge a 10% service fee for both buying and selling Bitcoin at our Kiosks.

In comparison online Bitcoin trading platforms only charge around 2%, so that’s a steep markup. Think about it: depositing $200 means you’re losing $20 — almost enough for a movie ticket in the Metreon’s IMAX theater.

Metreon renovation

July 26th, 2011


IMG_2729 IMG_2730 IMG_2732 IMG_2731 IMG_2733 IMG_2734 IMG_2736 IMG_2735

Stopped by the Metreon lately? (No? Of course not.)

Currently it’s being torn up, and almost everything is closed. The only two remaining establishments are the theater and the Japanese restaurant. Everything else is either gone or being rebuilt. Even Jillians is closed for renovation, despite signs everywhere claiming the opposite.

The only two enterances now face 4th St. and Yerba Buena Gardens, with a temporary theater ticketing area on the ground floor. Everything else is walled off, with warning signs about hard hats.

Here’s to hoping the Metreon’s new Target store means fewer trips for us city folk down to the “twin Targets” of Colma and Daly City.