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Skull shop returns from the grave

May 1st, 2013


Remember when I told you that Martin’s Emporium, the skull shop on 16th St between Guerrero and Dolores, was going out of business?

Turns out I lied. Well, okay I didn’t lie so much as that was really their plan at the time. But after two years the For Sale sign is gone from the window. According to their Facebook page, Martin’s is coming back!

I know, it’s been difficult living without a source of skull jewelry and trinkets. I hope you’ve been maintaining a detailed shopping list.

Skull store dies

May 29th, 2011


Martin’s Emporium, aka the weird skull store on 16th and Dolores, now has a closing date: July 31st. Now that may sound like it gives you a lot of time to get your skull figurines, crystal skull necklaces, and skull watches for your goth friend’s birthday. But no! Martin’s has sporadic and limited hours. If you want to go, go now! But call first, because they’re probably not open.

And with the closing of this store, the number of vacant retail spots on this street increases to three: Martin’s, Il Cantuccio, and Bangkok 16.

Martin’s 16th St Emporium is closing

March 12th, 2011

You know that weird store on 16th next to Body Manipulations that only sold skull-related items? It’s called Martin’s 16th St. Emporium, and they’re going out of business (after 45 years, according to the owner’s Facebook page) and putting the commercial condo up for sale.

This probably isn’t much of a surprise; the place was rarely open as of late, due to the owner suffering from a stroke, according to the sign on the door. Plus they only had two Yelp reviews which doesn’t suggest a strong customer base.

Martin's 16th St Emporium

Martin's 16th St Emporium