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January 17th, 2013


“YOU ROCK” proclaims a cardboard sign at 15th and Minna.

But that’s not any old piece of cardboard, no sir. It’s an album cover from a record; the soundtrack to Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrenece, composed and performed by Yellow Magic Orchestra keyboardist Ryuichi Sakamoto.

I mean, like, duh.

The URL on the bottom of the sign takes you to, a blog about a project to spread positive messages to the world in an endless variety of mediums and formats.

The piece I found is part of a series documented in this blog post. Looks like there’s a few others around the neighborhood I have yet to locate.

If I find any more of this series I’ll update this post with locations.

UPDATE Jan 17: This one featuring The Best of Édith Piaf is on Capp and 16th on the fence outside the Walgreens parking lot.