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Lily Pond at Golden Gate Park

December 31st, 2010

Check any map of Golden Gate Park. Near the Conservatory of Flowers is the “Lily Pond.” But what exactly is the Lily Pond?

Here’s some recent photos.

Lily pond

Lily pond

Lily pond

What the photos don’t capture is that there’s water under the green slime. Aside from a few ducks treading water, you might not even notice there’s water. It looks like a slime pit.

But what is that slime? According to the Chronicle, it’s an infestation of duckweed that took over the pond in 2010.

Duckweed, as it turns out, is the smallest flowering plant. Duckweed grows rapidly! Just two years ago, Cheshire Cat Photo described the Lilly pond as a relaxing pond with turtles Who knew?