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16th Street changes: Goodbye Katz, hello cat

February 19th, 2020
Katz Bagels closing


As Eater SF reported today, Katz Bagels on 16th Street is preparing to close next month after 27 years in business. Once a local chain, this was their last outpost.

This comes about seven years after the death of the founder, not to mention numerous attempts to rebrand as bagels waned in popularity over the years.


Kit-Kat on 16th St


Meanwhile, an actual cat appeared a few months ago a block down 16th at the Randa’s Market liquor store.

The aptly named “Kit-Kat” supervises as beer is delivered and guards the store from dogs being walked down the street. Though not the friendliest feline, Kit-Kat is not easily spooked either; she’s a good fit for life on 16th Street.

Burt Katz of Katz Bagels has died

December 14th, 2012


The memorial pictured above recently appeared at Katz Bagels on 16th St. Founder Burt Katz died last week. He was 81.

As you may know, Katz Bagels has several locations around the city. Some have been rebranded with new menus (Nectar, for example) and the 16th St location recently did a stint as “Pizza 16” before reverting to Katz Bagels.

You might also recall the 16th location was once home to a bagel UFO which was later moved to storage in a parking garage.

My understanding is that Burt’s son Mike has handled the day-to-day business for some time, so I doubt we’ll see any major changes.

Rest in peace, Mr. Katz.