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Bombay Ice Cream

May 18th, 2011


Now that Bombay Bazaar and Ice Cream has moved, did you trek all the way out to 13th and South Van Ness? No? Jerk. Maybe next time you’re at Rainbow stocking up on tofu-scented incense, you should also drop by Bombay.

Sadly, they no longer have counter service, it’s a strictly pre-packaged endeavor now. But they still have the strange flavors you know and grew to love.

Bombay Bazar and Ice Cream is back!

May 1st, 2011

Bombay Bazar and Ice Cream

According to this flyer, plastered all over the 16th and Valencia area today, Bombay Bazar and Ice Cream has moved to a new location and is once again selling Indian foods, items, and their crazy (but delicious) ice cream flavors.

The address listed, 245 South Van Ness, is the home of Lost Art Salon according to Google Maps and Yelp. (No word online about Lost Art’s closure/relocation.)