Why are comments disabled?

My blog only has one post, and I’m already getting questions about how to leave comments.  I was hoping to save this issue for later, but I’m going ahead with it now.

Here it goes: I’m leaving comments disabled.


Simple: I hate moderating.

There was a time when I thought I could do it.  Two times, in fact.  Back in the day I ran a site called THE NeTw0rK (another story for another time.)  THE NeTw0rK had a phpBB forum with a user base of a dozen or so regulars.  All was fun and happy until the drama arrived and I had to start making rules and and enforcing them.

Then at a later time, I decided it was time to try again.  I threw together a site called DemonLime (yet another story for yet another time.) DemonLime not only forums, but comments on every page!  Again, the community grew to a certain size, people started to misbehave, and lines had to be drawn.  I let this go on for too long and lost interest in the site.  Eventually, I locked the forums and gave up.

The lesson: I hate moderating with a passion.  And I don’t intend on doing it again, especially not on this site.

So if you have something to say you have three choices:

  1. E-mail me.  Maybe I’ll respond, maybe not.
  2. Post about it on your own.  Write about it on a blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, whatever.  Make your voice heard.
  3. Shut up.  Hey, you don’t have to say anything!  It’s your choice.

Anyway, don’t ask for me to enable comments because I won’t.  Or to quote another Eric — Eric Cartman — “Whatever, I do what I want!”