Uncle Outrage

Recently I went to order a couple albums from Uncle Outrage on their website. But the link didn’t work. it wasn’t my lucky day… or was it?

Chinchila Album + Dance Extreme

But first, WTF is Uncle Outrage? I’d describe UO as musically similar to Mindless Self Indulgence or gONNA gET gOT, but more mellow than either of those, and in many ways more listenable. The lyrics cover an odd range of topics — sexuality, anime, old-school video games, etc. Atypical in many ways.

I first heard about UO on Soulseek, a P2P music sharing program, many years ago. Someone hooked me up with the song “Octopus Angel” and I loved it. Now that I have a job, I figure I should support independent music that I enjoy since I can actually, you know, afford to.

So when the order link didn’t work, I sent an e-mail about the broken order page and we got my order straightened out. Nils included an autographed photo for my troubles with a note on the back. Check it out yo:

Photo (front)
Photo (back)

Morals of the story:

  • If a website is broken, always send the webmaster an e-mail. Always.
  • Uncle Outrage is awesome and you should give them a listen.