How to “sew” buttons that don’t fall off

Magic button

Ever buy a shirt or jacket that you really like, only to have the buttons fall off in a few days? Sure, they give you one of those little packets of buttons, but why don’t they just make the buttons not fall off in the first place?

After thinking this through for a couple weeks, I think I’ve found a solution: a way to make your buttons not fall off. Best part? No sewing is involved.

You will need:

  • Button
  • Inner button
  • Metal eyelet
  • Wire
  • Scissors

Use the scissors to remove the existing button(s). Now cut a small hole for the eyelet where the button was. Follow the directions on the eyelet packaging to install it.

Feed the wire through the button, through the eyelet, then through the inner button and back around. Twist the ends of the wire to make it stay in place.

Bam, you’re done. As long as the eyelet and wire hold — and they will — your button isn’t going to fall off.