Well, according to this site and this site, it’s now snowing a bit in San Francisco. Reports from Facebook confirm that snow has been spotted on Twin Peaks and in the Sunset.

Funny thing is, just earlier today everyone was joking about how the predictions of snow in SF were ridiculous. Boy, were we all wrong.

Not much news so far on Twitter, mainly because the entire site seems to have been taken over by the failwhale. The site can handle an entire country’s revolution, but snow in SF? Too many tweets, man. Too many tweets.

On a slightly different topic, several years ago when I lived in the Sunset, we all thought it was snowing. Our roads, yards, and cars were covered in white bits falling from the sky. Due to the slippery nature and unexpectedness of the ordeal, there were many traffic accidents on 19th Ave. But you know what? It was really just heavy hail. Is this time truly different?