Muni Diaries Live: Breaking it Down

Last night Muni Diaries hosted their third live event, Breaking it Down. It was just as entertaining than last time, although the Make Out Room over capacity this time around. Next time they may need a larger venue.

If you didn’t go, here’s a quick list of what you missed:

  • Cock-Ts performance
  • Poet (and genius!) Silvi’s pleasant run in with a fare inspector
  • Vero Majano’s Muni karma
  • Bart operator Kelly Beardsley’s tales of oddness on Bart
  • McPuzo and Trotsky performing Muni-related songs
  • Bart romance with Muni Diaries’ Suzanne
  • Several short stories from members of the audience
  • Comedian Will Franken’s encounters on Muni
  • Final performance with the Cock-Ts

Some more photos, courtesy of Alexia Anthem: