Lone Star Swan’s written works

Lone Star Swan, 16th Street’s favorite eccentric pigeon caretaker, was immortalizezd in a mural. But did you know he’s also a writer?

Swan occasionally hands out a piece of xeroxed writing; sometimes typed, sometimes scrawled; and often with a self portrait and/or drawing of a pigeon.

Yesterday, Mr. Swan handed me the following written piece as I walked by. Note the remarks throughout insisting that this be given to the press, so take note, media. (Click to enlarge.)

lonestarswan - 3 30 11

Swan has been handing out written works for years — long before I lived in the area. Here’s a few he’s given me over the past few years.

lonestarswan - the return
lonestarswan - 1-15-10
lonestarswan - 3-4-10
lonestarswan - 12-29-09
lonestarswan - 12-19-09