Impromptu punk show at 16th and Mission Bart plaza

Today (Aug 31st) I arrived at the 16th St. Bart at around 7pm and walked right into a punk show. There were at least three bands rotating with 2 song sets. Unfortunately I have no idea who these bands are or what the event was called, if anything.

I managed to get a few crappy iPhone pics for your enjoyment.

All three bands used the same equipment, including this PBR microphone.

PBR microphone

Due to the rotation, I saw this band first and last.


The drummer in this band had a very long and very blond rat tail.


The singer in this band moved much faster than my crappy iPhone camera could handle. But you go to the impromptu punk show with the camera you have — not the camera you might want or wish to have at a later time.


Dancing at a punk show isn’t normal. But on meth it is.


It ended exactly like you would expect.

Police bike
Party's over, man

Full set is here.

Update: a commenter at Mission Mission provided a band list.