Ed Lee for Mayor

Run Ed Run!

The Ed Lee for mayor campaign has to be one of the strangest campaigns in recent history. The guy hasn’t entered the race, and has plainly stated that he won’t run. Which means this mayoral campaign isn’t run by Lee himself, but by fans attempting to pressure him into the mayor’s race. It’s a clear case of life imitating The Onion.

As for this campaign sign; the whimsical drawing is fun, the “Run Ed Run” slogan brings light to the fact Lee doesn’t want to run in the first place, but the URL? RuneDrun.org? Is that some kind of Gnostic thing or… oh. I get it. (Capitalization, folks — learn to use it properly.)

Let’s face it, Lee makes a better mayor than a politician. And that’s why we like him. So keep it up with the quirky, confusingly-capitalized campaign signs if you wish, but let’s not take Lee’s “campaign” too seriously.