Curbside car sharing comes to the Mission

City CarShare on Valencia and 17th
City CarShare on Valencia and 17th

Adding to the city’s complex and draconian public curbside parking restrictions is a set of car-sharing-only spots. One of these new types of parking spots is located here in the Mission, outside El Toro on Valencia and 17th.

From now on this spot is reserved at all times for a specific City CarShare car, which is to be picked up and returned from that spot, or “pod” in car sharing lingo.

No word yet on how the city will enforce this, or what members renting the car are supposed to do if another car takes that space. Perhaps there’s a can of gasoline and a blowtorch in the back seat of the Prius to “take care” of these problems. Or maybe there’s the number for a towing company in the glove box. Either way.

Also of note: City CarShare has a new logo? The street sign is sporting a new look for the non-profit, which celebrates their 10th birthday on the 19th of this month. I’m thinking they jumped the gun and unveiled an updated logo a couple weeks early.