Palace of Fine Arts 2011 version

January 16, 2011 by MrEricSir

The Palace of Fine Arts has been restored… again! Perhaps the third time’s the charm? Or is this the fourth? Hey who’s counting.

IMG_1768_1 IMG_1762_1 IMG_1764_1 IMG_1763_1 IMG_1754_1 IMG_1755_1 IMG_1761_1 IMG_1767_1 IMG_1759_1

The restoration took a mere seven years. Contrast this to the similarly historic Acropolis in Greece, which has been under a restoration project since the 70’s. Get back to work, Greeks.

Some notes on the 2011 version of the Palace:

  • No more sand! Instead they added a ground surface that looks like a granola bar.
  • The ugly black nets under the dome are gone, as the concrete fixtures are now firmly super-glued in place for your safety.
  • The “stairs” have been converted to planter boxes, much to the dismay of mild-mannered daredevils everywhere.
  • Lots more trees, plants, etc. But still plenty of mud.

Did you know? The current Palace of Fine Arts was not built in 1915 for the World’s Fair; it’s a concrete replica of the original built in the 60’s.