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Top 6 worst Seinfeld episodes

December 21st, 2018

During its nine season run, Seinfeld had plenty of memorable hit episodes. But there were also a few clunkers here and there. Even the most hardcore Seinfeld fans have forgotten about many of these flops entirely, and rightfully so.

Here are the worst six episodes of Seinfeld in the order they were aired. Enjoy!

“The Construction”
Season 1 Episode 2

After the pilot episode “The Seinfeld Chronicles,” the show’s writers wanted to change the laundromat setting into Monk’s coffee shop. This episode centers around a mishap where Kramer’s fictional “Kramerica Industries” is accidentally hired to renovate the laundromat into the coffee shop. Rather than admit his company is fake, Kramer tasks George, Jerry, and Elaine with the required construction work. Critics found the premise funny but ultimately weren’t amused after watching the characters perform laborious construction work for 30 minutes.

“The Gun”
Season 2 Episode 9

Uncle Leo gets mugged and decides to buy a gun for self defense. Later that day while practicing at a firing range he accidentally shoots himself in the leg. Leo gives the gun to Kramer, who accidentally shoots himself in the leg too. Kramer gives the gun to Newman, who, after accidentally shooting himself in the leg, insists Jerry take the gun. Jerry doesn’t want it; but when a police officer sees Jerry holding the gun, the officer shoots Jerry in the leg. Elaine and George both come up to Jerry’s apartment, see the gun, and accidentally shoot one another in the leg. Though some critics praised the episode’s focus on gun safety, there was near unanimous agreement that so many characters getting shot in the leg required a complete suspension of disbelief. Fortunately the writers learned their lesson from this one and it was the last time any character on the show was shot in the leg.

“The Other Contest”
Season 5 Episode 1

This one attempted to piggyback on the fan favorite episode “The Contest” but critics slammed it as derivative. In the episode Jerry, George, Kramer, and Newman hold a contest where the last one to get circumcised wins. Unfortunately for Jerry he’s already circumcised so he’s out of the contest immediately. None of the other characters get circumcised during the episode, though the possibility arises when Newman accidentally gets his penis stuck in a mailbox.

“The Future”
Season 5 Episode 20

When a flying car crashes through the window of Jerry’s fifth floor apartment, Jerry, Kramer, and Newman discover their building was pulled through a time vortex into the future. To return to the present, Kramer builds a time warp generator out of quantum flux crystals while Jerry fine tunes the warp energy by reversing the polarity of the laser diodes. Critics panned this episode’s storyline as focusing on science fiction instead of comedy. The writers clearly learned their lesson as the show never relied on science fiction tropes for the rest of its run.

“The Death”
Season 7 Episode 12

George, Elaine, and Kramer attend Jerry’s funeral after he dies of a heart attack in his sleep. They each try and fail to deliver a heartfelt eulogy: George complains that Jerry still owed him five dollars when he died, Elaine says she doesn’t have anyone fun to go to the movies with anymore, and Kramer knocks over the open casket before he can say a word. Critics had mixed feelings about this episode: though it was funny, it also made no sense to kill off the show’s title character halfway through the seventh season. The writers attempted to sweep this mistake under the rug by bringing Jerry back to life in the next episode without explanation. Fun fact: This episode was never shown in syndication and only appears in the season seven DVD set as a special feature.

“The Bank”
Season 9 Episode 3

The final season was already off to a rocky start by the time this stinker rolled around. The entire episode focuses on Frank Costanza starting a bank specializing in subprime mortgages. While most critics at the time were puzzled by 30 minutes of Frank interacting with his bank’s clients and helping them fill out page after page of loan applications, looking back the episode predicted the subprime mortgage crisis almost a decade in advance. Although the writers took a lot of heat for this episode back in the day, perhaps they had the last laugh.

Traditional Greek salad recipe

December 9th, 2018

Greek salad

Quick, what do the following salads have in common: fruit salad, egg salad, and waldorf salad?

That’s right — no lettuce. A traditional Greek salad (or “horiatiki”) also has no lettuce despite what countless recipes and restaurant menus here in America would have you believe. It’s a very simple and satisfying salad, and you don’t have to worry at all about the latest lettuce scare.

In Greece this salad is practically a given at any restaurant. Every time I’ve visited Greece it’s been one of my go-to meals. Here’s how to make your own meal-sized serving of Greek salad.

Ingredients and prep

  • Small or half of a medium sized ripe tomato, sliced into big wedges
  • Half a green pepper sliced lengthwise into strips
  • A few slices of cucumber *
  • Couple of small cubes of red onion
  • Half slab or a few of chunks of feta
  • Olive oil
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Dried oregano
  • Kalamata olives, unpitted

* Personally I prefer to skip or go easy on the cucumber. Up to you.


  • Wash and prep the vegetables as described above
  • Put the vegetables in a bowl
  • Drizzle olive oil and red wine vinegar over the vegetables
  • Place the feta on top of the veggies
  • Sprinkle some oregano on top

To eat the salad, cut the cheese and veggies into smaller chunks with a knife and fork and eat them together. If you’re used to cheese plates at fancy restaurants and wine bars this should be pretty familiar.

A word of caution: the olives are meant to be eaten separately, don’t injure your teeth on the pits.

In Greece these salads are usually served in a larger quantity than this, intended for the entire table. They’re never mixed, instead served with a large spoon or fork for everyone to remove the cheese and vegetables as they wish, transferring them to their own plate. You don’t need a separate plate for the serving size described above, just something to keep in mind for large quantities.

Also many restaurants in Greece serve meals with bread. It’s completely optional, but the bread can be used to soak up any extra olive oil and vinegar in your salad.