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Grilled cheese is hella popular

May 28th, 2010

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen at 2nd and South Park opened today.

Judging by the line, grilled cheese must be like, hella popular. Who knew?!

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen opening

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen opening

U-Haul cats

May 27th, 2010

You know that U-Haul lot by the central freeway? Did you know it’s home to a number of cats?

They were initially interested in me, but when I failed to produce food they got into some civil unrest over who got to sit on which paper plate.






May 27th, 2010

Spotted at Brannan and 3rd:

I am broken

I love the cartoon on this. It expresses anger and silliness at the same time, as if to say “DAMN IT, DO I HAVE TO PARK FOR FREE?!”

Run DMC on Reading Rainbow

May 18th, 2010

While we’re on the subject of hip hop and filling our blog with embedded YouTube videos, did you know Run DMC was once on Reading Rainbow?

But you don’t have to take my word for it.



My only complaint is that Jordi LeVar Burton didn’t rap along with them. It could have been something like this:

Yo I like books
I like to read

Read a lot
If you want to succeed

Reading is smart
It makes you wiser
It’s hard to see
Without my VISOR

(Clearly I should quit my day job and become a rap lyricist.)

Broke in this Trendy City

May 18th, 2010

I’m a huge ytcracker fan. For those not into the nerdcore scene, he’s easily the best nerdy rapper out there.

This particular track is something many of us can relate to.

Watch and see.


Yellow limes

May 18th, 2010

I was just at Bi-Rite where they have what appears to be lemons for tasting. I asked the cashier why you’d want to taste a lemon.

Turns out they aren’t lemons, they’re “SWEET LIMES.” Yes that’s right, a yellow lime.

Mind = BLOWN.

Ion Cars

May 12th, 2010

When did this happen? And does this mean the plan to build a megaplex of generic, overpriced condos and a generic, overpriced Whole Foods fell through? (Fingers crossed!)

Ion cars

(The finger at the top is artistic, in case you were wondering. Definitely NOT a “mistake.”)

What did I do yesterday?

May 5th, 2010

From the following photos, can you guess what I did yesterday?

Podium closeup

Tim, president emerticus of the club

Tim, Captain King, and Carmen

Alien buddies


If you guessed this was a stamp collector’s meeting, you’re right!

Damn I love this city.