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Garcon team apparently taking over Young’s BBQ space

September 14th, 2015

Young's BBQ space Young's BBQ space

Young’s BBQ, the (ostensibly) Korean hole in the wall restaurant behind El Toro that you never went to finally closed a few months ago. Recently the space has undergone a soft story retrofit.

Now a new liquor license application has appeared on the window with the name “Jerartdon LLC.” What could it mean?

Two of the names on the license in the state’s liquor license database shed some light on the situation. Jerome Rivoire is the owner of Valencia St.’s Garcon, and Arthur Wall is their executive chef.

What can we expect? So far the Garcon folks have been quiet about the whole endeavor, but it’s safe to assume pot stickers served by a woman who calls herself “Honey” are out.

Mission Public SF moves before opening

March 10th, 2013

Mission Public

Mission Public SF, an upcoming gastropub one can only assume is named after a public restroom, has relocated prior to opening.

Originally slated to open on Mission and 15th, the restaurant is now being built instead in the former Om Shan Tea space at the corner of 14th and Natoma.

As you may recall, Om Shan Tea ran into some financial troubles but managed to reopen, only to be shut down by the police because of the owner’s other business ventures.

Hopefully the new restaurant will be a success. And if it doesn’t work out, well hey, they can always turn to selling acid.

Curry Village takes over Cafe Petra space

July 14th, 2012

Curry Village 2

The long-shuttered Cafe Petra finally has some action, with a new sign promising a second outpost of the Inner Sunset’s popular Curry Village Indian buffet.

It remains to be seen if this particularly quiet stretch of Guerrero can support a restaurant, or how this tiny storefront can house a full buffet. With Pakwan, Gajalee, and Alhamra all a stone’s throw away, there’s increasing competition for Indian restaurants in the area — great news for those of us who love Indian food.

Grill no longer thrilling

July 10th, 2012

Nizario's Pizza

The former Thrill of the Grill on Valencia has closed up shop, and is now a Nizario’s Pizza, part of a small local chain apparently owned by someone named Nizar.

While I was never a huge fan of Thrill of the Grill, and their “whenever we feel like it” operating hours couldn’t have been good for business, it was admittedly a perfect spot for those times when you were too drunk to wait in line at Arinell.

The good news is that all three of Nizario’s SF locations claim to stay open until 2am and (according to their Yelp reviews) all sell pizza by the slice. Those are two things we could use more of in this city!

Food trucks officially jump the shark

May 17th, 2012

Burger King food truck

The Whole Foods food truck was embarrassing enough. But now that Burger King has entered the game, the game is officially over.

The items sold by Burger King do not qualify as “food” by any normal standard, and their attempt to disguise this fact by placing them inside of an imitation food truck seems eerily reminiscent of a cargo cult.

So next time you’re hungry, don’t check Twitter, don’t go to Off the Grid, and stay away from the sOmA sTR3@t f00D pArK. You’ll have to go to a restaurant instead — thanks to Burger King, food trucks are over and done.

West of Pecos opens Monday, May 14th

May 10th, 2012

West of Pecos opening day West of Pecos

West of Pecos, the new restaurant from the Woodhouse Fish Company folks, is slated to open this Monday, May 14th.

As you may recall, this newly built-out restaurant replaces the old Valencia St location of beloved Indian ice cream joint, Bombay Bazar.

For more on West of Pecos, check Eater’s coverage here.

Tonight: Kitchen Nightmares visits the Bay Area

February 10th, 2012

Tonight’s episode of Kitchen Nightmares takes place in the Bay Area! Gordon Ramsay visits Fremont’s Spin A Yarn, a strangely named restaurant where apparently all the food comes from cans.

The food looks pretty sad. In fact, this is the only episode I’ve seen where someone other than Ramsay throws up. That said the focus here is on the dramatic tension between the husband and “I’m not a trophy” wife. The rift between them seems to have started when the husband let his wife renovate Spin A Yarn without putting any limit on cost; you can imagine how that turns out. At one point during the episode the wife goes so far as to duck behind a curtain to avoid her husband.

I don’t want to say too much, but San Jose Sharks fans won’t want to miss this one.

The episode airs at 8pm on KTVU.

House 530 opening soon

September 25th, 2011

House Thai

The perpetually vacant spot on Valencia between Blondie’s and Limon finally removed their plywood to reveal… yet another Thai restaurant! If at this point you’re wondering whether there’s more Thai restaurants or Thai people in San Francisco, I think it’s safe to bet on the restaurants.

As Grub Street reported several months ago, this spot was previously a punk venue with a strange history.

Puerto Confuso

August 26th, 2011


This ad for Puerto Alegre in the SF Weekly has me very, very confused.

Here’s why:

  • What does the “and” mean? Can they sell me just a pitcher, or just a margarita without anything to pour it into? Or is the pitcher collectable and included in the price?
  • Why “by the glass”? What is that referring to? How can it be both in a pitcher and by the glass at the same time?
  • Besides, isn’t $20 the normal, non Happy Hour price?

16th and Guerrero restaurant update

July 30th, 2011

Two empty restaurant spaces are about to get less empty. Today a new sign went up at the former Bangkok 16 space for Krua Thai:

Krua Thai

And further down the street at the former Il Cantuccio space is an alcohol permit for (what else?) a new Italian pizza joint called Mozzeria: